November 2004 Survivair Newsletter
Contained in this issue:

1. Survivair gets CBRN approval for Panther SCBA
2. Survivair Technical Bulletin reminder
3. “Fred the Head”, Survivair’s manual SCBA flow tester, retires
4. SCBA Boss and SCBA Trak software update
5. American Airworks celebrates 25 years serving Survivair users
6. Survivair reconditioned SCBA sale
7. Posichek3 SCBA tester, end of year sale
8. Survivair “experienced”, and new replacement cylinder sale
9. Survivair NEW replacement cylinder shell sale
10. SCBA onsite flow testing in WV and surrounding states
11. New Automated Respirator Washer available
12. Firefighters' Best Friend.......Salvage Master Water Vac by Survivair

1)    Survivair Panther gets CBRN Approval

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has certified the Survivair Panther model SCBA against exposure to chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) agents, officials at the company announced today.

The NIOSH CBRN certification program is intended to give the first responder community assurance that the self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) they would be using in the event of an attack, such as the terrorist attacks of  9/11, meets the specifications set forth under the CBRN approval.

Steve Weinstein, Senior SCBA Product Manager for Survivair, said “This certification has been designed to ensure that CBRN agents will not permeate components of an SCBA or enter the respiratory system of the user at what levels NIOSH and the U.S. Army Soldier and Biological Chemical Command (SBCCOM) consider to be maximum credible threat concentrations. Obviously, it is impossible to defend against every possible contingency, but we feel the NIOSH CBRN certification program is an excellent defensive step, and we are very happy to have passed these rigorous tests."

Testing is done on a pass/fail basis on units and accessories as submitted by the manufacturer.

The Survivair Panther SCBA is well known in the industry for its advanced design, durability, and comfort. Features like a hard-wired Heads-Up-Display (HUD), low-profile second stage regulator, comfortable MightyLight backpack, and Rapid Intervention Crew/Company Universal Air Connection (RIC UAC), make the Panther one of the safest and most popular SCBA in the industry.

Survivair, a division of Bacou-Dalloz, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of world-class respiratory protection equipment, protecting firefighters and offering respiratory protection from airborne workplace hazards since 1961. For more than four decades, Survivair has manufactured air purifying respirators (APR), supplied air respirators (SAR), powered air purifying respirators (PAPR) and self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA).mithfield, RI (April 22, 2004) -- The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has certified the Survivair Panther model SCBA against exposure to chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) agents, officials at the company announced today.

2) Survivair Technical Bulletins

Clicking on the following link can access Survivair technical bulletins. Check to see if your SCBA is compliant with all the technical bulletins that have been sent out by Survivair.

3)  "Fred the Head" Retires

June 1981 - December 2004
“Fred the Head”, the name affectionately given Survivair’s original SCBA flow testing device, will be officially retired, discontinued, never to return to Survivair service after December 30, 2004. Friends and users of Fred will be required to purchase a Posichek3 computerized tester and Survivair software to complete SCBA testing to meet the NIOSH and NFPA standards. See our special sale below on Posichek3 units. We, at American Airworks, grieve with you and hope to alleviate some of the financial pain you may suffer as a result of his retirement.

4)  SCBA Trak, SCBA Boss and Survivair Minder Software

SCBA Trak and SCBA Boss are not being upgraded from the DOS versions. You may want to consider buying Survivair’s software called “Survivair Minder”. In addition to tracking your cylinders and SCBA, Minder has the ability to display SCBA component parts explosions, with the ability to click on the replacement part to make up a parts order. The retail price of this software is $495. We have a special on it for $408. A demo version is downloadable from

5)  American Airworks™ Turns 25 Years Old

In January, Airworks turned 25 years old. We started out doing Survivair regulator repairs for end users and fire equipment dealers. Our beginning growth was slow; we completed 51 regulator overhauls our first year. In our heyday of Survivair SCBA service, we averaged 1500 units serviced per year. Our volume of repairs is drastically lower today than in times past. This is a testament to the durability of the newer Survivair product.

In addition to Survivair service, we offer a full product line to support all brands of breathing apparatus and supplied air respirators, such as air cascade, high pressure air compressors and refill stations. Our web site has approximately 175 pages of SCBA-related products at this time and growing in number.

Late news, but maybe still of interest to long time customers of Ray Lambert Enterprises, Inc. Ray Lambert, president of American Airworks, retired from the Beckley Fire Department in 1998. He served Beckley for 26+ years, retiring as a Lieutenant and station commander. He was also the president of IAFF Local 795 during the early years of his fire-fighting career. He now serves as CEO of American Airworks as well as national and international sales manager.

6)  "Reconditioned" Survivair SCBA for sale

A)      Panther, 2216 PSI, 2002 revision with HUD-RIC/UAC and optional shoulder gauge, $1700. 30 minute carbon cylinder included. We have one remaining, it has never been in a fire.

B)      Panther, both 2216 & 4500 PSI, 1999 revision $1111 – $1555. Choose cylinder below. We have approximately 15 available.

C)      Sigma, 2216 & 4500 PSI, Classic mask, with mask mounted regulator, $900. Choose a cylinder below.

D)      Mark 2, 2216 & 4500 PSI, NFPA, revision 1997, belt mounted regulator, $550. Choose a cylinder below.

E)       XL-30, 2216 PSI, NIOSH approved, belt mounted regulator, $250. Choose a cylinder below.

F)       Scott 2.2, 2216 PSI, mask mounted regulator, flame retardant straps, $450 with Scott aluminum cylinder included. One nice unit remaining. (For our Scott user friends)

7)  Posichek3 SCBA Flow Tester End of Year Sale

We must sell 15 Posichek machines before December 22, 2004
Here is what you will get if you place your order before the deadline.

1 - New Posichek3 machine, with manual alarm activation feature, value $7795
1 - Free Survivair Titanium Edition 32 Bit Software, value $595
1 - Free Survivair SCBA required adapter, your choice of model, value $115
1 - Free 800 telephone technical setup and training assistance, invaluable
1 - Free Shipping, value $150

Retail cost of the above is $8630. Our sale price is $7599.

You save $1056  

Want one but can’t make a lump sum purchase? Then pay $2650 down and make just two more quarterly payments of $2600 each. Just make the purchase before December 22, 2004. You still save $805 with this easy payment plan. Call us now!!

8)  Survivair "Experienced" SCBA Cylinder Bargains

Click here to view our current list of “experienced" SCBA cylinders with valves.

9)  Survivair New Replacement Cylinder Shell Kits

(Your valve used with the following new shells kits, except where indicated)

Mfg. Date
Your Cost

New SCBA Cylinders with Valve
4500 Carbon Wrapped 45 Min.
$695.00 ea.

New Replacement Cylinder Shell Kits

2216 Hoop Wrapped 30 Min.

New Shell
$282.00 ea.
(Use your steel or hoop wrapped cylinder valve with this shell)

2216 Full Carbon Wrapped 30 Min.

New Shell
$410.00 ea.
(Use your fiberglass cylinder valve with this carbon shell)

Left over, never used Cylinders Shell Kits
4500 Hoop Wrapped 30 Min.
$170.00 ea.
4500 Full Carbon Wrapped 30 Min.
$525.00 ea.

4500 Hoop Wrapped 30 Min.

New Shell
$282.00 ea.
4500 Full Carbon Wrapped 30 Min.
New Shell
$410.00 ea.
(Use your fiberglass cylinder valve with this carbon shell)
4500 Full Carbon Wrapped 60 Min.
New Shell
$771.00 ea.

Overhaul of your cylinder valve is recommended by factory. Your cost is $59.00 with cylinder shell order, $71.00 without cylinder shell order.

(Note…Fully wrapped 4500 carbon 30 & 60 min. cylinder shells can replace fully wrapped fiberglass cylinder shells. The same valve will fit both cylinders. Now you can upgrade to a lighter weight carbon cylinder with the 5-year hydro-test cycles.)

10)  SCBA Annual Onsite Flow Testing

We travel far, and wide, to do flow testing of all brands of SCBA. Annual flow testing is required NFPA 1852, as well as your SCBA factory. We use our new Posichek3 tester to complete the test. Testing your SCBA will ensure that it is operating properly and will promote user confidence in the SCBA. Our normal rate is $40.00 per SCBA. There are no travel fees, when we can include you in our scheduled travel loop (WV, OH, IN, SC, KY, VA, NC, TN, PA). However, we do charge extra for travel when we make a special trip. Call Cathy or Andrea to inquire about testing your SCBA.

11) New Compact GS2200 Respirator Mask Washer Available

A medium to high volume washer, the GS2200 unit is designed to scrub masks clean with a combination of complete water submersion, agitation, and soft scrubbing brushes. This machine will clean heavily soiled equipment without time consuming manual cleaning or   soaking. Unit measures 26” x  24” x 38” and operates off 120 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz.

Cleaning, Disinfecting, and Rinse in one 35 minute cycle

Portable and Energy Efficient
Holds up to 20 half-face masks or 8 full-face masks per cycle
Stainless Steel Wash Tub, with 4 Water Levels

Click here to get additional info and special introductory pricing on the GS2200.

12) Firefighters' Best Friend...........Salvage Master Water Vac by Survivair

Fire departments get more "letters of commendation" from the public using the Salvage Master to reduce water damage than any other service they provide, including fighting fire. Click here for more details on this great product.

Reduce your fire department, personal home or businesses monthly phone bill. American Airworks uses this banner link to keep their long distance rates at rock bottom and under control. Use their "best rate finder" feature. Easy online registration too.

"Your help is needed. Please tell us what you would like added to the Survivair SCBA web pages that you don't see or can't find. Click here to review the page to refresh your memory."

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