SCBA Rapid Cylinder Charging System

Product Specification Sheet

I. Purpose

To establish minimum standards for an SCBA rapid cylinder charging system.

II. Approvals

A. The charging system shall be certified as an SCBA accessory by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) under Title 42, Part 84 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

B. The charging system shall not void the SCBAís compliance with all performance requirements of the National Fire Protection Association's 1997 edition of NFPA 1981, Standard on Open-Circuit Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus for Fire Fighters.

III. Configuration

A. The charging system shall consist of:

1. The SuperCharge assembly, with male quick-disconnect and dust plug.

2. A fill hose, with a female quick-disconnect at one end; and a CGA 346/347 fitting with purge valve, pressure relief valve, and dust plug at the other end.

The fill hose shall be purchased as a separate item and shall not be deemed part of the SuperCharge kit.

B. The SuperCharge assembly shall attach to the SCBA first stage regulator between the first stage regulator and the CGA handwheel.

C. The charging system shall be available in both high pressure (4500 psig) and low pressure (2216 psig) versions. The system shall be designed so that the high pressure and low pressure fittings and hoses are not compatible with each other.

D. The fill hose shall be available in 4, 10, and 20 foot lengths.

IV. Performance

A. The quick-disconnect fittings on the fill hose and the SuperCharge assembly shall be able to be coupled and uncoupled with pressure in the fill hose and with the SCBA activated.

B. The system shall accomplish fully filling a 30-minute SCBA cylinder in approximately 45ñ60 seconds.

V. Instruction Card or Booklet

An instruction card or booklet shall be provided with each SuperCharge. Instructions shall contain complete installation (if purchased as a kit) and operation procedures.

VI. Warranty

The SuperCharge shall carry a warranty of not less than three years.