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SuperPASSTM 3 meets or exceeds all requirements of NFPA 1982 Standard on Personal Alert Safety Systems(PASS), 2007 Edtion.


SuperPASS 3 was designed and tested to meet the life safety needs of firefighters by Grace Industries. It is third party certified Compliant to NFPA 1982, Standard on Personal Alert Safety Systems (PASS), 2007 Edition.

Meets or exceeds the 2007 Edition Standard Requirements for PASS
• PASSED! High Temperature Functionality Test: 500° F for five minutes and exceeded 95 dBA sound pressure at 9.9 feet
• PASSED! Heat and Immersion Leakage Test: 6 cycles; 15 minutes at 350° F and then immersed in 64° F water, 4.9 feet deep for 15 minutes
• PASSED! Tumble - Vibration Test: Three hours at 15 rpm, for a total of 2700 revolutions/drops in a four foot diameter tumbling apparatus
• PASSED! Muffle Test: Sound level evaluated in all five testing positions, exceeded 95 dBA sound pressure at all positions at 9.9 feet

Motion Detection
This solid-state, 3-axis accelerometer senses a broad range of motion and is not position sensitive. This results in fewer false alerts which are common in similar motion detectors.

High intensity LEDs illuminate from inside the case causing the PASS to glow. These LEDs strobe, flash and pulsate indicating PASS status; Sensing, pre-alert and Alarm Modes. These colors and patterns include those that are most easily recognized.

Sound Intensity/Discernability
Dual resonating sound cavities produce 95+dBA, making SuperPASS™ 3 the loudest NFPA Compliant Stand-alone PASS available to the fire service. More important, the sound signature is designed to generate multiple tones that sweep through a range of 500-4000 Hz. This sound signature incorporates a momentary pause every 4 seconds, allowing the PASS to be identified and tracked audibly.

This PASS device was re-engineered to meet the rigorous durability requirements of the fire service. The primary function of the protective translucent silicone cover protects the PASS from severe impact, vibration and the adverse tic enclosure is a high temperature advanced polymer which protects the PASS from exposure to moisture, chemicals and other hostile agents.

Attachment Methods
Two methods of attachment are provided for ease of use. The time tested wire clip easily captures and securely holds the PASS to SCBA straps. Or use the "SA-clip" that enables the end user to easily attach the PASS to turn-out gear in a stand-alone configuration for use without an SCBA.

The SuperPASS™ 3 automatically records a data-log of all PASS status change events. The data-log is stored in non-volatile memory and can be retrieved via the infrared port on the PASS by utilizing the Grace data-log retrieval software. The required data-log events are time and date stamped down to 1 second resolution. The last 8,192 events are stored.

Introducing the first temperature display that provides firefighters with accurate feedback of the environmental temperature. The rugged RTD sensor monitors the temperature of the environment firefighters routinely encounter. The RTD accurately senses temperature readings up to 1,000° F with the reading displayed on a large LED readout. Temperature information is easy to read in a dimly lit or smoke filled environment. The RTD temperature readout can be displayed in Centigrade or Fahrenheit. An audible warning is activated when firefighters are exposed to potentially dangerous temperatures. A time weighted average of heat exposure activates the audible heat alarm when the environmental conditions reach predetermined levels. The SuperPASS™ 3 RTD feature is available only on Model SP3-RTD.

Integrated Temperature Detector
SuperPASS™ 3, Model SP3-H, is available with integrated temperature sensing. This internal sensor monitors thermal inertia exposure. When the firefighter exceeds a predetermined time weighted average temperature threshold, the audible heat alarm is activated.

The Accountability Storage Key is an added benefit of the SuperPass™ 3. The clear identification window provides the opportunity to specifically identify the user through the ability to personalize the keys with photos, names, numbers, department ID, bar-codes, etc. The clear access window easily snaps into place to protect the enclosed information and provide instant access for rapid identification.

When the Accountability Key is removed, SuperPASS™ 3 turns, "On", and the operational signal is heard. A visual green LED wig-wag display indicates that the SuperPASS™ 3 unit is in the "Sensing" mode.

While in the "Sensing" mode, SuperPASS™ 3 may be put into "Alarm" at any time by manually pressing the "Alarm" button located on the front surface of the unit.

Re-engineered electronics and power supply, using four AA batteries triples previous PASS battery life. Expect over 200 hours in Sensing Mode and 10 to 12 hours in Alarm.


Motion Sensor: 3-axis, solid-state, accelerometer enhanced durability
Auto-on with Proprietary Accountability
Two methods - Wire clip and universal "SA-clip"
Silicone Cover:
Rugged, Durable, High Temperature, Impact Resistant, Translucent, Protective Silicone Cover. Field replaceable.
Status Display:
Large 6-Character, Alphanumeric, LED read-out of PASS status and External Temperature (RTD Model Only)
Alarm Audio Output:
Dual resonating sound cavities produce 95+ dBA @ 10ft with Sound Discernability 6 dBA against given background noise
Real Time Clock:
Records accurate date and time information
Data Logging:
Records over 8,000 PASS status changes in a non-volatile memory with date and time log. Data is downloadable to any PC
Solid-state magnetic activation
Batteries: 4 Duracell MN1500, AA, 1/5 Volt Alkaline
Product Life:
3 to 5 years depending on frequency of use
: 3" wide, 4-9/16" high, 2-5/16" deep
Weight: 16 ounces with batteries (without Accountability Key)
Case: Rugged, high temperature, impact resistant, and translucent Yellow Radel polymer, encapsulated in a protective silicone cover
Certifications: Certified Compliant: to NFPA 1982, 2007 edition. Certified Intrinsically Safe to ANSI/UL 913: Class 1, Groups C and D; and Class II, Groups E, F and G; Division 1 hazardous locations. CSA Compliant: CSA C22.2 No. 157. Ingress Protection: Rated equivalent to IP67 (dust tight, effects of immersion)
Warranty: One year from date of purchase.

Grace Industries, Inc. - an ISO 9001 Certified Facility


Environment Temperature Alarm Response Time
350° F 6 minutes
300° F 7 minutes
250° F 9 minutes
200° F 12 minutes

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SuperPASS 3
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SuperPASS 3
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SP3 (includes O-ring)
Accountability Key
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Silicone Cover
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