American Airworks Fast 90 E1 or E3 High Pressure Breathing Air Compressors

The most compact, fully automatic, stationary, high pressure compressor for all high pressure breathing air applications.
American Airworks Fast 90


Continuous duty air cooled, three stage, three cylinder
high pressure compressor. All stainless steel interstage
and final stage coolers. Aluminum piston sleeves and cylinder heads. Mounted in a sound attenuated,
fully enclosed, powder-coated steel cabinet.

8.0 FAD. Charging rate 9.5 scfm** at sea level.

Cylinder Diameters:

1st stage 95mm, 2nd stage 38mm, 3rd stage 14mm.

Drive Motor: AC electric, 7.5 hp, 230/440 volt, one or three phase motor at 50hz or 60hz. RPM: 1450.
Purification: NFPA Grade E breathing air with activated carbon, molecular sieve and hopcalite to convert
CO to CO2. Processes approximately 9000 CF of air @ standard 68 degree ambient temperature.

Main Control Panel: easy access and conveniently located. Exclusive Dial-A-Pressure final pressure switch and
gauge assembly allow for quick adjustment of pressure settings and automatic shut off.

Magnetic starter with thermal overload protection.

Automatic moisture drain system with moisture collection reservoir.

Electric hour meter.

Oil level sight glass indicator, on front of compressor, for easy to see/check oil level and draining.

Max Pressure: 6000 psig - 413 bar.

Final pressure gauge - liquid filled with SS housing).

Back pressure maintaining valve.

Pressure relief valves at all stages.

Lubrication: Positive splash lubrication with oil thrower pin. Synthetic compressor oil.

Oil Capacity: 51 oz (1.5 L).

Noise Level: 81 db at 3 meters.

Shipping Weight: 466 lbs for single phase - 400 lbs. for three phase.

Dimensions: 42" W x 34" H x 28" D.

One Year Warranty on
site parts labor (in U.S.)